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To My Oldest Living Grandmother.

In Everyday on March 15, 2022 at 3:00 am

14 March 2022

Ende Ammachi. You grew old, I grew up.
Never ever gave any thought to when your life would let up.

Fond of you as any quiet grandchild you see.
Eating away my childhood, naadan snacks, and your home’s TV.

Life is filled with pities like missing your send-off.
Today it’s been a year, but old memories can’t be walked off.

Tears are a bump for we live against a clock.
Why it only took until 2 am Monday, for these simple words I chalk.

Time is cruel, but with it, on me, you grew.
At first scared, especially when you pulled my tooth or two.

Out went the first one, and I knew that you were nice.
God knows that dentists aren’t that swift or precise.

Today was a mess, but so were your last days.
Memories and the mind you lost in many ways.

From knowing life’s experiences to becoming a child again.
Somehow I’m happy that you relived happiness through all your pain.

Now that you’ve gone, I feel like I should try my best.
Thus dared a boy to sit down and cry like the rest.

A year late, but that’s always been my fate.
Maybe later, even this day will just be a date.


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